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We want to help you stay uniquely you, which is why we’ve gathered some articles to give you better insight into identity theft and to help you understand how you can best protect yourself and your credit.

Identity Theft & Protection

Checking your Credit Report for ID Theft

In the fight against identity theft, your credit report is an invaluable tool. From the moment you first applied for a loan or opened a line of credit, the Canadian credit bureaus, Equifax and TransUnion, began assembling your credit file, where they documented your borrowing and payment behavior ever since. While the sheer amount of […]

Online Security Issues & Protection

Surfing Safely on Public Wi-Fi and at Home

Time and time again, our blog has tackled the topic of browsing the web via public Wi-Fi. Whether you’re logging in to make a quick bank transfer before booking an additional night at a hotel or casually shopping from a coffee shop, accessing your accounts on an unsecured network can put you at increased risk […]

Online Security Issues & Protection

3 Tips for Safer Social Networking

At the bottom of every advertisement, little icons shout, “Follow us on Facebook and Twitter!” Athletes and celebrities alike use social sites to build their brands and connect with fans. Social media is everywhere. Perhaps you were even directed to this article from a social media site. According to a recent article from The Uniter, […]

Online Security Issues & Protection

Using Strong, Unique Passwords

Creating an account for a new website, you work your way down the page, field by field. Name, email, username, password, confirm password. You click “save,” ready to move on, but you’re met with a line of red text: “Your password must be 8-16 characters, contain at least one number or symbol, and at least […]

Credit Fraud & Credit Monitoring

Why Credit Monitoring is Such a Powerful Tool in Your Fight Against Identity Theft

When a store owner shows up to work and finds hundreds of dollars of goods or cash stolen, what is the first thing they do? Head straight to the security cameras for a look at the footage. There, they can see a complete history of what went on in the store while they were away, […]

Credit Fraud & Credit Monitoring

Mobile Wallets: Safe or Better Left at Home?

The ads are everywhere. Every time you go to the store, you see the new icon at the register. If you haven’t already, your phone probably prompts you to set up your account more often than it updates its privacy policy. Even with all this promotion, you’re probably left asking: “Are mobile wallets worth it?” […]