About Credit Alert

Intersections and Sigma have teamed together to combine expertise and offer exceptional identity theft protection services in Canada. We jointly develop, propose, plan and implement every phase of our sector-leading services, which are currently offered by some of Canada’s most respected institutions in a variety of industries including the financial, insurance and retail sectors.

Intersections Inc.

Since 1996, Intersections Inc. (NASDAQ: INTX) has been a leading innovator and provider of identity management solutions for what has now become a global industry. When we pioneered consumer credit monitoring more than 20 years ago, we started to shape the identity management marketplace, delivering consumer-friendly solutions that serviced a growing, yet untapped need.

As the nature and prevalence of identity management has changed over time, Intersections has remained at the forefront, having the clarity of vision to connect consumer, business, and industry needs. We live out this vision by defining and delivering evolutionary products, developing strategic partnerships and expanding our solutions into new, global markets.

Intersections has protected more than 47 million consumers since 1996.

Learn more at www.intersections.com.

Sigma Loyalty Group

Sigma Loyalty Group provides innovative marketing and enhancement services programs that businesses across industry segments can embed as part of their own product offering to drive customer loyalty and generate additional value from their customer relationships. With a relentless focus on consumer behavior and emerging trends, SLG leverages technology to build solutions that - because they are meaningful and valued by consumers - help clients enrich their own products and programs in order to build deeper and more profitable customer relationships.

For more information, please visit www.sigmaloyaltygroup.com.